Hamburg Werewolves

Information for English speakers

The Hamburg Werewolves are the first team of Quidditch Club Hamburg. Starting in June of 2016, we nowadays have a pack of over 40 highly motivated quidditch wolves.


If you want to join us, you are always welcome! Try an exciting sport and meet new people during your stay in Hamburg. We value cultural diversity and we are absolutelly ready to speak English.


You may contact captain Timo Damköhler and co-captain Katrin Schankweiler via:



Our team holds excercises throughout the whole year, led by the head coaches Philipp and Niklas Zorell. They are supported by their assistant coaches.

Join our training!

We encourage you to try quidditch! You do not needy any prior experience, just give it a try.

Please bring sportswear, appropriate footwear and something to drink. Let us know about your visit with an email to werewolves[at]

Our usual training times:

➔ Sunday, 11.00 AM - 1.00 PM | Stadtpark

➔ Thursday, 6.30 PM - 8.00 PM | Stadtpark

Training schedule

You can find all training dates in the calendar below:

Training location

Hamburger Stadtpark, Festwiese (great lawn)

Otto-Wels-Straße, 22303 Hamburg

(U3 subway to Borgweg, then walk 5 minutes)

Quidditch Club Hamburg e.V.

Mitglied im Deutschen Quidditchbund


Eingetragen beim Amtsgericht Hamburg, VR 23156

Vorsitzende: Anna Hoffmann, Tristan Dück
Schatzmeisterin: Daniela Schmitz


Björnsonweg 12 B

22587 Hamburg

Tel.: 0159 0549 4897

Mail: verein[at]


Titelfotos: Nick van Klaveren, Florian Neumann, Tom Schönfeld


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